One of the coolest things we have at the ARC is our classic freight elevator. This thing is ancient. About 80 years old. The best part is the thing works perfectly. It was having constant problems a couple of years back when we were still using "Oh Piss" for our elevator servicing. Though ever since we switched over to City Elevator now called something else this vintage gem has been working perfectly!!! Oh sure it gets cranky every so often but not like it used to.

     Having this gem is amazing. Especially if you have a lot of big bulky stuff to move up to your studio. If your motorcycle won't fit in the passenger elevator then you can use the freight elevator instead. This elevator also goes to the basement which is another bonus.

Freight Elevator Rules:

1.) First and most important don't use this elevator unless you really need it. If your stuff will fit in the passenger elevator use that instead. This classic only has so many runs left in it. Thus we need to save those runs for those that really need it or depend on it to get their gear etc to the resource room, kiln room or storage lockers.

2.) Don't let anyone run this elevator other than yourself!!! As simple as it is to use visitors and newbies always seem to throw the gates off their tracks. Though we have lucked out so far this has the potential to create serious damages. The worst people are those that "think" they know how to use it.