This is the latest tweak to the ARC's amazing amenity rooms! Though not a formal spray booth you can do some light spraying, pouring resins, applying stains and other smelly finishingprocesses.

     The ARC's Paint Room is for use by any ARC tenant. Unfortunately like the wood shop, outsiders are forbidden. There is no charge for using this room. Anytime you don't want to try sleeping with some some excessively fumy thing in your studio you can do it in the paint room and get a far better sleep! Remember this room is for painting and pouring resins only!!! No sending your partner down there to sleep!!! Even if they are "fumy". 

    Here Are The Paint Room Requirements.

  • First you need your orientation. After that you can pick up a key that you can keep for future use.  
  • Then check to make sure the room is not in use, in clean shape and has no damage. This could save you from getting blamed then beaten out in the back alley. If anything looks wrong you need to let me know BEFORE you use the room. 
  • Next you need to turn on the ventilation as instructed below.
  • After applying your finish if you are leaving it to dry use the privacy key to lock the top dead bolt. You are safe to leave something in there over night only. Any longer and you need to talk to me. If someone is pulling "Hog" on that room just let me know and I can meet them out in the back alley with my friend... Tony.
  • If you are spraying you can mist down the floor and lower walls to aid dust control.
  • If you do leave your stuff you have to leave your name on the chalk board. Not doing so could end your access to this room!
  • Last but most important on the list is removing everything you brought into the room and making sure it is totally clean.
  • There is  no sanding allowed in the paint room other than "between coats" sanding.
  • No painting on the white walls or near the paint regulators!
  • Don't worry if you get paint on the floor just vacuum up any dust and dirt after you leave.
  • Absolutely no taking apart any of the air lines or filters in there for any reason!

Turning On The Fresh AirVentilation

     First is to open the silver metal flap above on the left. This lets some of the air into the room.


     Then you want to pull out the above black metal handle slowly and carefully. Please do not yank this lever out as the linkage could break sending fifty thousand volts of electricity surging through your body and setting off an alarm that tells me someone needs some "reading lessons" out in the back alley. What this does is make sure ALL the fresh air comes into the paint room for optimal ventilation.


    Next you want to walk all the way down to the south end of the room and open this little door you see above. This is where all your smelly fumes are going to be going. If this is closed then your fumes will just stay in the room and could ruin the piece you are painting, fumigate yourself, cause an explosion or make it smelly in the hallways.

All Done....

     After your piece is painted if it is a slow dry paint you may want to leave and save the clean up for later. If this is the case let the room air out until the air seems clear in there and then shut the ventilation back off in the reverse order. Without the ventilation on this room has a tendency to warm up. When it does it will aid in your piece drying more thoroughly.

     Please remember that the second you take your work out of the room you need to clean up the room. Then and there. Using the excuse that you will back later once you check in to see if facebook still likes you won't work. No one wants to wait four hours for you to come back. On top of that most people tend to forget after four minutes. I know... your Mom already told me about you. 

The First Compressed Air Supply

     Here is the compressed air supply for your paint gun if you are using one. There are a couple things to remember here. First the hose hooked up here is for paint guns only.... NO AIR SANDERS OR OTHER AIR TOOLS ON THIS LINE!!!!

The Second Compressed Air Supply

     This is the line you use if you need to do some sanding between coats. Please take time to remember the differences between these two air supplies.

Tricks For Using The Paint Room

  • Best to spray anything late at night as the air intake comes from ground level at the north east corner of the building. If a vehicle drives by it could rile up a lot of dust and that dust gets sucked into the paint room.
  • Best to paint on a rainy night as the dust will already be settled.
  • If you need to paint something on a dry night you could go spray some water into the air intake hole. You can ask me about that. That would help settle and maybe catch some of the dust in that hole.
  • You can also mist down the lower walls and floors in the paint room as that will help dust also. Don't overdo this though as a puddle of water on the floor could be splashed up onto your work.

Added note: As long as everyone follows the rules there should be no reason for us to have to go back to charging to use this room. If any of the rules don't make sense to you then please make a note of the ones that don't and whenever using YOUR OWN paint room never follow them.